What is HRS MGMT, LLC? 

the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers.



an action or strategy which may be adopted in adverse circumstances.



a means of solving a problem or dealing with a difficult situation.

Hospitality is an interesting industry; A definition exists of what it is but there isn't an exact science of how to execute it, nor is there an exact set of expectations that each guests holds. Therefore, we at HRS MGMT, LLC understand that what it takes to execute and succeed in one market or concept, may not be the same for the other. The "gray area" of this industry is what drives and excites us as we commence new challenges, such as the Miami Springs Country Club. 

HRS MGMT, LLC was started in 2018 with the goal of managing/owning multiple concepts in specific ways that cater the their markets. The team has a combined experience of over 65 years in the industry, specializing in turning properties around and producing efficient and effective outcomes. We have experience in concepts that range from $4 million-$25 million/year, from boutique to large scale venues. HRS MGMT, LLC is a premier hospitality management company, providing resources and solutions in the South Florida market. We look forward to seeing you! 


Address: 650 Curtiss Pkwy, Miami Springs, Fl 33166

Contact Us: (305)893-8000